Rent a Private Jet

Heron Air is a company specialized in organizing private flights with jet aircraft, turboprops, helicopters and aircraft equipped for medical transport.

Our customers can enjoy the exclusive service Aerotaxi: moving fast and secure, giving you the opportunity to reach airports are not always served by regular airlines, flying in comfort thus allowing companies to optimize the timing of their managers, to private, to change his position very fast, avoiding the infinite connection and long waits at airports, reaching in a short time and without intermediate stops, your destination.

The great flexibility in planning schedules and destinations is our trump card:

  • An exclusive, developed and organized with a wide range of aircraft and helicopters, Heron Air is able to find the most suitable flight, tailored to the needs of the customer, in order to achieve maximum savings in terms of both time and price.

The confidence to travel safely:

  • Experience, constant training, friendliness and dedication are the key features of our crews.
  • Scheduled maintenance of aircraft, according to the standards set by European legislation and in particular the National Civil Aviation
  • Insurance coverage according to the nature of the flight.

Book your private flight, your trip will be an opportunity to discuss business, or to reach your preferred destination, in total comfort, accompanied by a crew discreet, confidential and professional.