Civil Aviation Sector

Heron Air, in addition to the military sector, the inside has a team of professionals with years of experience in private flights, charters and helicopters.

Our company offers a variety of ad hoc solutions that allow, for each of our customers to organize their trips in quickly, safely and without any loss of valuable time.

Heron Air, has focused all its efforts on the development of every single customer, focusing particularly on developing and thoroughly all possible requirements:

  • Executive jet charter
  • Helicopter charter
  • Hire motor boats and sailing
  • A luxury Hotels
  • Tailor-made services

A personalized attention to detail, high quality services, all at your fingertips adhere to the highest standards of safety and reliability.

Your time is priceless.


Military Aviation Sector

Heron Air Srl is an Italian company specialized in the provision of technical services and aviation training aircraft, in favour of the Military Customers domestic aviation industry in particular tactical transport aircraft such as the C 27A/G222, C-130E / H, C -130J, C-27J and ATR

The peculiarity of Heron Air Srl is to have the expertise of qualified personnel from the Air Force, and by major Industries Aviation and Airlines Italian and foreign.

From this diverse background and consolidated results innate awareness of the needs of the customer, in particular the military customer.
The available expertise and experience allow Heron Air Srl to operate in related sectors such as logistics services in support of activities in countries at risk and disadvantaged areas.
All this sets Heron Air Srl from others in the industry and can act as an ideal partner in support of programs for military customers, anywhere in the world.