Sell and buy aircrafts

Heron Air offers its experience and highly qualified staff to provide great service to its customers in the acquisition and or sale of an aircraft.

More and more companies and individuals who invest in the acquisition of a private aircraft with the main aim to break down the problem of time management.

Search of the aircraft on the market, expertise, technical evaluations, inspections, pre-buy inspection ...
our company will follow you step by step, we will become your trusted advisor.

We are able to identify the aircraft that best suits your needs, thanks to the experience accumulated over the years and the knowledge of the market and producers.

Buying a private jet is a complex process that requires the intervention of specialists and qualified staff to ensure an excellent final result.

Heron Air will evaluate each technical and operational detail, combining the technical needs and desires of the customer.

Our financial experts will take care also of considerations relating to the budget, the annual operating costs, residual values​​, financing options and tax optimization.