Civil Airports Management

Heron Air, thanks to its consolidated experience in Italy and abroad, has gained considerable experience in airport management.

The set of all operations that manage an airport system (included small or decentralized ones) should always respond to a high standard not only in safety field but also in operational matters.

The management that Heron Air is able to provide includes, but it’s not limited to:

  • administrative management,
  • operational management for pitches and maneuvering areas,
  • handling aircraft
  • positioning of aircraft in dedicated hangar
  • security procedures for refueling operations,
  • fiscal management of the fuel depots (even those subject to minimum stock)
  • Airport security service and fire fighting.


Airport management in critical areas

The management of airports in critical areas turns out to be particularly difficult due to poor logistic structures. Heron Air, in these contexts, can provide a complete service starting from the safety of infrastructure to the implementation of semi-prepared runways or reconditioning of existing damaged runways. The paving of the runway, if any, may be restored or in the case of semi-prepared runways may be sized based on the weight of the aircraft that will operate. Heron ensure the restoration or creation of communications networks, radio and restoration or creation of an integrated aeronautical telecommunications, positioning of NDB, VOR or ILS removable and the subsequent creation of instrumental procedures of arrival or departure, creating fuel deposits and the construction or repair of pitches and hangars.