Flight Planning

Heron Air offers a high quality service dedicated to pilots of all backgrounds.

Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our office Flight Planning is equipped with sophisticated software tools for planning and monitoring the progress of the flight.

The operators of the planning during all phases of flight, will keep the crew informed on changes that could affect flight safety.

Our staff is composed of flight dispatch professionals who are responsible for planning and monitoring of all phases of flight;

They are the main source of information for the pilot once the plane is in flight. The dispatcher can provide any type of information: from the weather, information on the airport of arrival, changes of direction, etc..

The flight Planning Office is also working with the ground crew as the technicians who supply aircraft fuel and other professionals in order to support the best service to the crews on the ground and avoid wasting time.



- Management "tactics" of flight
- managing Slots
- Contingency management (handling, catering, etc.)
- Management extraordinary events


Preparation and processing of flight in "real time"
. weather briefing
- technical Briefing
- Operational briefing
- Analysis of special problems (ETOPS, RVSM, BRNAV)