Helicopters Flight Simulator

ACP, Managing Company of Padua Civil Airport, part of SAVE Group, recently bought an helicopter flight simulator Elite Evolution S623T, to be installed, certified by ENAC and made operational at the Airport of Padua “G. Allegri”, from the month of July 2011.

This flight simulator, based on the layout of the multi engine and multi crew Eurocopter AS355, offers performances higher than the minimum standard required under European regulations.

The goal of ACP is to create a training center at the Airport of Padua in order to make the simulator available to all FTO, TRO, flight operators, private pilots wishing to train on flight procedures difficult to perform in real flight and mere flight amateurs.

It is a service that every user can take advantage of by contacting directly our reservations office as well as booking on-line or through the website of ACP or Marco Polo Airport. On request it will be possible to have an instructor, conversely, each user can take advantage of their instructors during the sessions of simulated flight training.

The simulator will be loaded with a database collecting several local and European airports, of which the most important in HD; special operating training conditions, such as oil platforms, hospital landing grounds, ships, confined heliports and other special backgrounds, will also be available.

Download flight simulator brochure

Credits for training FNTP II

Licences - qualificationsRequested
Simulator credits
PPL(H) Private Pilot Licence 45 5
ATP / IR Integrated 195 55
CPL Integrates 135 25
CPL Modular 30 10
IR Modular 55 40
FI Flight Instructor 30 5
IRI (H) Instrumental Instructor
10 10


A new interesting training solution both from a practical-logistic
point of view - and, of course, economic if compared with real
flight and/or with the use of training centres based faraway.